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City of Mobile: 100 Day Agenda

City of Mobile: 100 Day Agenda


Mobile is transforming and as Mayor Sandy Stimpson moves into his third term, he and his team administration is preparing to make every day count. We know it will take Uniting Mobile Through Action to fulfill the original vision of One Mobile – a safer, more business-friendly city. This administration has developed a 1,000-day framework for the third term and a plan for the first 100 days to hit the ground running. During these first 100 days, we’ll be checking some major goals off our list to make Mobile better for Mobilians and visitors alike.

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Protect Mobile

There is no function of government more important than public safety, and protecting Mobile remains one of the administration’s top priorities. In the next term, we’ll be continuing to innovate the way our police, fire and medical services are provided to the public. We’ll be implementing new technologies and adding new facilities that will make Mobile a safer place to live. We’ll also be working with our governmental partners to make sure that our laws and our courtrooms provide first responders with the tools needed to do their jobs effectively.

Grow Mobile

For years people have debated whether it is more prudent to grow Mobile through the annexation of areas to the west or put resources into the current City limits. Mayor Stimpson campaigned on a plan to do both, and his administration is prepared to do so. We’ve already made great efforts to reduce blight and expand affordable housing within the city limits. In the 1,000 Days we’re going to take those efforts to the next level. Within the next 100 Days, we’ll be presenting a plan for the City Council’s consideration that would put our population above 200,000 — a designation that would make the City of Mobile eligible for millions of dollars in additional federal grants every year.

Hire Mobile

You cannot have a great City without great jobs, and we want to keep the momentum in Mobile by continuing to invest in new jobs and economic growth. We are going to create an environment that helps existing businesses thrive and makes it easier to launch a new business, whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner. We will also continue to support emerging talent from our community and Mobile’s minority-owned businesses so that success and opportunity are within reach to all Mobilians.

Connect Mobile

For Mobile to thrive, Mobilians must be connected to one another, to our natural resources and to the world. Over the next four years, we will continue to rebuild our infrastructure and increase the walkability of our community to connect our neighborhoods to each other and citizens and visitors to the places where they work and play. We will also continue to push for a solution to transporation challenges by pursuing a new bridge on Interstate 10 and helping to move Mobile’s commercial passenger terminal to the Brookley Aeroplex. All these things help improve Mobilians quality of life and connect our community and economy to the world.

Enjoy Mobile
Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a guest, we want everyone to Enjoy Mobile when they’re here. We can do that by continuing to improve and expand the entertainment and recreational opportunities in our city. We’re going to repair parks and improve parks and build new parks like the one-of-a-kind facility we’ll be designing on the Brookley by the Bay property. Within the coming months, we’ll also be moving forward with plans to activate our downtown riverfront and revitalize the Mobile Civic Center so they can both be enjoyed by generations to come.

Visit Mobile

We must continue to promote Mobile as a tourist destination for families, organizations, and everyone else. We can do this by continuing to work with the partners who’ve been instrumental in selling Mobile to the world. We are going to improve the Mobile experience, focus on ecotourism projects, elevate the rich cultural history and story of Africatown, and bring back our cruise ship.

Ready Mobile

When we say we want to Ready Mobile, we are talking about the future. We must lay the groundwork that helps ensure city services can continue despite shocks to our community like the ones we’ve seen over the past two years from a global pandemic and multiple hurricanes. For the City of Mobile, being “Ready” means being a resilient and sustainable community with the operational and financial stability to tackle persistent challenges like flooding, recycling, litter, and natural disasters.

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